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[The Meridian Water development partner launch was] very positive. Thank you for all your help. Great attendance levels and a really positive vibe at the event.

David Greely
Corporate Communications Manager
Enfield Council

Thank you for all your hard work in support of improving Enfield. Our success is largely down to you and your team's hard work in creating a sponsorship base for us to showcase Enfield.

Neil Rousell
Director of Regeneration, Leisure and Culture
London Borough of Enfield

I am delighted with Opportunity Enfield magazine which does an excellent job of highlighting the achievements, opportunities and potential of our borough. I am also very grateful for the support and contributions of so many of our partners in helping to make the magazine possible – it shows what excellent work is being done by the private and public sectors together in Enfield.

Stephen Tapper
Assistant director regeneration, leisure and culture
Enfield Council