Highways and parks investment due for Enfield

Thu 12 March 2020, 12:16 pm

Investment of more than £7m will be put into maintaining roads, pavements, play areas, parks and bridges in Enfield.

The funding was approved by Enfield Council’s cabinet in February, and is set out as part of the local authority’s plan in its ten-year Capital Strategy and Capital Programme.

The report contains a business case that includes £6.45 million allocated for highways and street scene repairs and upgrades in 2020/21.

As well as this the council will annually fund £200,000 for bridge works, £200,000 for play areas and paths in parks and £80,000 for alley-gating to help reduce burglaries and improve security.

There will also be £250,000 match funding for flood management projects – which will include tree-planting, wetlands projects and rain gardens.

Additional funding will also be allocated to assess the condition of more than 340 bridges, 92 play areas, 210km of paths in parks and 90km of park fencing.

Councillor Guney Dogan, the council’s cabinet member for environment and sustainability, said: “Despite ongoing funding cuts Enfield Council continues to prioritise projects to keep the borough moving, grow the local economy and keep residents safe.

“Our highways and parks are the arteries that sustain Enfield’s communities. It is therefore right that we strive to maintain them to a good standard, even when the council has had to make £179 million savings over the last ten years due to government cuts and increased pressures.”