Occupancy rate high

Wed 26 November 2014, 2:33 pm

New council figures show that only two of 211 shops owned by the local authority remain unlet to businesses.

The findings put Enfield’s occupancy rates on 98%. Borough councillors are now encouraging the private sector to offer competitive rates for new companies to increase business activity in Enfield.

Councillor Alan Sitkin, Enfield Council’s cabinet member for economic development, said: “Our high occupancy rates show we are a business-friendly council and our policies are helping to create vibrant, busy shopping areas, more jobs for local people, increasing affluence for our residents and businesses.

“I’d like private landlords to do their bit for the economy and offer competitive rates to their business tenants.”

The authority has recently refurbished the Enfield Business Centre, which it says will boost employment, help local businesses recruit, and allow people to improve their skills and qualifications. Another initiative the council has introduced is arranging pop-up shops in empty units.

Councillor Andrew Stafford, Enfield Council’s cabinet member for finance and property, said: “When one of our business premises become empty, we ensure that the unit is turned around and filled as quickly as possible. Empty shop units cost the council money and are an eyesore on the high street.”