Boris aide speaks up for STAR scheme

Thu 28 March 2013, 11:52 am

London's deputy mayor for planning has voiced his support for an improvement package to the West Anglia mainline from Liverpool Street to Stansted Airport.

City Hall: deputy mayor backs STAR package

Sir Edward Lister, a key aide to London mayor Boris Johnson, said that getting the line to serve stations in Haringey and Enfield more effectively could unlock huge economic growth in North East London.

Enfield Council is leading the bid to introduce extra track on the line between Stratford, Tottenham, and Angel Road stations - hence the “STAR” acronym  - to allow better local services without affecting the frequency of Stansted Express trains.

A particular beneficiary of more stopping services would be Enfield’s proposed Meridian Water development of 5,000 homes and businesses near Angel Road Station in Edmonton.

In an interview with Planning magazine this week, Sir Edward said he believed there was a strong case for upgrading the West Anglia line.

"It has lots of wonderful stations with no passengers, because the Stansted Express drives out the commuter trains,“ he said. “So if you live in Tottenham, and are looking for work, it's not practical to go to Stansted, which could be a great opportunity."

“If we could get that line to work, we could get a £3 billion economic regeneration of the northern part of the Lea Valley".