Borough awarded £4.4m transport package

Fri 4 January 2013, 12:34 pm

London Mayor Boris Johnson has awarded Enfield a £4.4 million transport package aimed at improving traffic flow, bolstering road-safety measures, and encouraging cycling across the borough.

The 2013/14 allocation, which will come via Transport for London (TfL), includes £600,000 to convert road speed limits to 20 miles per hour around 15 borough schools, in conjunction with road safety improvements and cycle-to-school programmes for pupils.

Some £70,000 will be spent on other cycling improvements in the borough, while £150,000 is earmarked for a “bus stop accessibility” programme to ensure that all bus stops in the borough are as easy to use as possible.

Johnson said that Enfield’s funding package would mean “significant improvements” for local people.