Investors gather for Opportunity Enfield magazine launch

Tue 9 October 2012, 10:30 am

More than 135 guests, including current partners and potential investors, attended the launch of the second Opportunity Enfield magazine.

Enfield magazine: Guests poring over the publication at launch event

The event, held on 8 October, was hosted at the headquarters of BNP Paribas Real Estate in Aldermanbury Square, with attendees hearing about redevelopment schemes already underway in the borough and exciting opportunities for future projects.

Del Goddard, London Borough of Enfield cabinet member for business and regeneration, opened the event, emphasising the importance of the authority’s relationships with development partners.

“We want to end up with neighbourhoods that will work in the future,” he said.

“It is about a 'we', about all of us and how we create a vision together.”

Council chief executive Rob Leak said: “We want to make sure that each one of our 312,000 residents has the opportunity to unlock their potential.

“We are putting our time, commitment and money where it matters and we are looking very much at the partnership with developers to develop the aspirations we are hearing about tonight.”

Steven Gough, planning director of Fairview New Homes, which is based in Enfield, said: “We have been based here for over 50 years. And in terms of thinking of a borough as a place with opportunity, that 50-year history says it all. There are a number of examples in Opportunity Enfield magazine which demonstrate the vision that has been set out by the council, and I would encourage all of you to pick up a copy.”

Neil Rousell, director of regeneration, leisure and culture, went on to describe some of the borough’s most important schemes, including the £1.3 billion Meridian Water development; set to transform vast swatches of Edmonton.

He said: “Enfield has some of the largest companies, including Coca Cola, Biffa, Ardmore and Fairview. At Meridian Water, we are looking to create an entirely new community based around the water and we have support from the mayor of London. This will become one of the biggest developments in the city.”

The magazine, which is accompanied by a website and email news bulletin service, includes information on key projects, development sites and completed projects, and is published by regeneration specialist 3Fox International.

Opportunity Enfield magazine is distributed to a targeted database of local and national property professionals, investment firms, local authorities, local enterprise partnerships and other regeneration bodies.

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