New edition of Opportunity Enfield magazine published

Fri 14 September 2012, 12:22 pm

The second edition of Opportunity Enfield magazine is published this week, giving an in depth look at the regeneration of the borough.

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Opportunity Enfield magazine is a business-to-business magazine, written by journalists from the property, investment, regeneration, construction and architecture press, and aimed at professionals with an interest in regeneration, development and investment in the borough.

The third edition of the magazine has now been published - click above to get your copy.

The new edition will include the following articles:

An update on what’s happening in regeneration around Enfield.

New directions
As budgetary pressures on local authorities grow, Enfield Council looks at innovative approaches with the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC).

Enfield attracts businesses in the logistics, food manufacturing and green sectors.

What’s happening and where – development schemes delivered, under way and planned.

Project by project
A round-up of the major regeneration opportunities in Enfield.

Art and culture
From creative businesses to investment in its cultural and heritage facilities, the local arts scene is thriving.

Enfield aleady exploits its liquid assets for leisure pursuits – and opportunities for regeneration are opening up along the waterside.

The east of the borough is where Enfield’s major regeneration challenges lie – and radical change is under way.

Markets fact file 
Statistics about local markets, people, history and environment.

Enfield’s manufacturers find skilled recruits, with training provision in local colleges responding to employer’s needs.