Borough bids for ‘future city’ funding

Thu 9 August 2012, 4:01 pm

Enfield Council has been awarded £50,000 in Technology Strategy Board cash to invest in libraries and boost quality of life.

The demonstrator project will show how by integrating their systems, the authority’s 17 libraries can be used to help residents find work, grow businesses, or strengthen community ties.

Its results could snare Enfield some £24 million in future city funding, if it triumphs above the 29 rival bidders in January next year.

Enfield’s business and regeneration lead Del Goddard said the borough was looking at as many ways as possible to regenerate the local economy. “Winning this funding would make a significant difference to our efforts to improve and rejuvenate our borough, and we'll be working hard with residents, businesses and our other partners so we have the very best chance of gaining this money,” he said.