Alma Estate residents consulted over homes future

Thu 31 May 2012, 5:25 pm

Residents of Enfield's Alma Estate are being asked their views on whether their homes should either be refurbished or demolished as part of a 100 million redevelopment project.

Enfield Council is launching a survey to see whether the estate's 717 resident households want improvements to be made to the housing stock on the estate or if it should be flattened and replaced with a mixture of council housing and private properties.

Tenants will also be asked where they would like to move if the estate is demolished or if they want to return once the rebuilding is completed. Home owners will be asked whether they would prefer to buy a house on the estate, or on the new development if demolition goes ahead.

An earlier consultation, answered by 64 per cent of residents on the estate found the vast majority of people, 84 per cent, wanted the estate to be demolished with tenants preferring replacement homes on the estate to be owned by the council. 

As part of the final Test of Opinion all residents will receive an information booklet explaining their rehousing options, compensation and project timescales to inform their decisions on the future of their homes.

The consultation is symbolic of the council's view that residents should have a major say on regeneration proposals.  

For the first time in over 30 years, Enfield Council has taken the historic decision to build new council housing on the Alma estate – if regeneration of the estate is approved by the council's cabinet.

This would make Enfield one of the first councils nationally to lead on the construction of new council homes on an estate regeneration project.

The council’s cabinet member for housing, Councillor Ahmet Oykener, said: "The Alma Estate is showing its age and needs major refurbishment or rebuilding work to bring it up to the standards our residents deserve and expect. This project when it goes forward will be a unique investment in a deprived area which will have a major impact on the lives of the residents living there.”