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Enfield launches culture bid

Enfield Council announced its bid to become the first London Borough of Culture at an art exhibition on 7 November.


Maker's mark

The success of Enfield’s Building BloQs workshop, used by a variety of bespoke producers, has inspired collaboration and a move to a huge new workshop, Meridian Works. James Wood finds out how a big orange shed grew into a £2.7 million project

Stall stories

Changing shopping habits are seeing traditional markets superseded by internet retailing and pound shops. To survive and thrive, they are having to adapt and diversify their offer, and in Enfield, Ruth McKee finds success in their approach

Down by the water

The master developer for the transformative £3.5 billion Meridian Water development has been announced. Lucy Purdy unpicks the details of what is one of the country’s largest housing projects

Project update

Opportunity Enfield explores the latest developments changing the face of the borough

Sitematch London

Find development sites and discuss them with Enfield Council and public sector site owners at Sitematch London.